May 30th, 2008, 12:57 am

An explanation in the form of an interview

What is this place?
This is Gilbert and Grim Present.

Uhuh, so that is...?
Well, it was supposed to be a place for spin offs for Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit, but it ended up as a dumping ground for filler strips mainly. Now it also hosts version one of the comic.

You mean things you posted when you couldn't be bothered to do a real comic?
Pretty much yeah.

So what's Gilbert and the Grim Rabbit when it's at home?
Gilbert and the Grim Rabbiit (or Gilbert and Grim) is a comic about demons, bunnies, cats and foxes (plus the odd turtle) living on a small island out in the Atlantic. It can be found at

So what's with the restart?
There were a load of things I didn't like about the early strips and it was bugging me a lot, so I thought the best thing to do was to just give it a clean restart.

Does that mean you're just rehashing the same gags as before then?
No not just rehashing the same gags. I'm rehashing the same gags and doing some new and funky material too. It's a healthy mix of old and new.

So what about the story you had going on? Is it still valid?
Yes and no.

Yes and no? What kind of awnser is that?
Everything is still going to happen. Just not in the same order. I've shifted stuff around.

Your old update schedule sucked. Any better this time?
Yep. Miles better. I've been working ahead so I have a buffer and I'm not letting that buffer drop below 8 comics at any point. If it does a certain someone has instructions to make my life a pain until I get drawing.

Do you think anybody will actually read this?
I hope so.

One final question. What's with the halo?
It's a secret. I'm not allowed to tell.

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